Financial Manager


 #1 Personal Financial Manager for Android.

It gives you all the tools and flexibility you need to keep your finances in order.


Accounts and sub-accounts


It is the only app in the Market with subaccounts. It is a powerful tool to organize all your expenses according to your personal and professional needs.

Multiple Currencies


Don’t worry if you have accounts with different currencies or you travel abroad frequently. Spensa will do all the conversions for you. It will give you the total balance of all your accounts according the current exchange currency rates in the market.



You can sync any number of devices. You and your spouse can add or delete any transaction at any time and sync at any time to share all the information. The app also sync automatically.

Customizable Categories


Add or delete any category and subcategory at any time. Choose between more than 1,000 professional icons to make it easy to track your expenses.



Spensa Desktop Pro


Export you data to your computer and load the information to the new Spensa Desktop Pro App. Create your own pie, bar and linear graphs according to the accounts and categories you select in any span of time you want. For more inormation visit:


Chrome Web Store - Spensa Desktop Pro.




Create your budget with any combination of Groups and/or categories, Accounts and/or Sub-accounts. It is totally customizable and flexible.

Recurring Transactions


You have total flexibility for your recurring transactions. Choose by any number of days, weeks, months, or years. Choose if you want the transactions be generated automatically when the time arrives or set an alarm to remind you to do so.

Graphs and Trends


In one look you have all the information you want by day, week, month, year or any period of time you want. Use the Filters to select the Categories and/or Accounts you are interested in. See your trend balance according to your recurring transactions.

And more...


Debt Calculator


Photo Receipts




Multiple Backups


Feel totally safe about the info you have. Every time you make changes to the database a backup will be created and stored for you in the cloud. You will be able to restore any of the backups at any time.


Debt Calculator


Plan your payments knowing when you are going to get rid of the debts and the total of interest fees you are going to pay.




Besides the categories and sub-accounts you can group your expenses in Projects to help you not to spend too much in your next vacation trip for example.


Photo Receipts


Keep a digital copy of your receipts for your records.




The app supplies a Tip, Taxes and Exchange Currency calculator to make these tasks easy and fun. Automatically, the total is added in the transactions with the due comments. You will be able to keep track of exchange rates or taxes of each one of your transactions.




Lock the app with a password.




Yes, just read the comments in Google Play. You will receive the help you need and we want to hear from you all your comments and suggestions you may have to keep this Financial Manager app being the number ONE in the Market.